Eco Group launch churchwide questionnaire

Back in 2019 we began the process to register St Andrew’s as an Eco-Congregation

As full members now, an Eco-Congregation sub-committee was formed from members of Vestry at St Andrew’s and a ‘Church Check-up’ found that a great deal had already been achieved!   

In order to develop a long-term strategy and to move forward with everyone onboard, we decided a questionnaire, completed anonymously, will provide opinion on a range of matters: 

Spiritual: considering worship and prayer, theology and bible study,

Practical living: in our church buildings, grounds and in our use of resources and

Globally:  in our personal lifestyle choices, in our community and the wider world.

After analysing the responses, we hope that our collective view will give us a mandate to press on and achieve even more.  We wish to tread lightly on this beautiful planet of ours – there’s nowhere quite like it (….that we know of!) but we’re conscious that we, as a congregation, need to be together in our thinking for our future. 

If you have not received either an email link or hard copy of the questionnaire, please Contact Us for the format you would prefer.   

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