Local Papers report story of Church break in as Church is restored to its normal order for services.

Sandie & Greg Goddard, Ian Miller & Brian Tow, Lorna and Duncan Martineau, Grace Redpath and Bob King met for prayer in Church on Thursday 27th May and then spent the morning tidying and cleaning the building and the offices after the break in on Tuesday night. There has been some damage but the main issue was the mess that everything was in. Everyone worked hard and now we are ready for Richard Lindsley to catalogue all the damage to enable him to submit a claim to our insurers. The good news is that Sunday Services on 30th May will all continue as normal.

The Southern Reporter tells its readers that "An un-Godly mess left following break-in in at church in Kelso".
Read the full story here

The Borders Telegraph also picked up on the story which you can read here.

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