Are you looking for something to do during lockdown?

Here is a suggestion from Sandie Goddard, our People’s Warden: Knit a Teddy!

Dear All,

Happy New Year!  Yet again we are in lockdown and this time it is not exactly gardening-weather so it has been suggested that we might consider a project to help to pass the time. We are suggesting making knitted teddies with drawstring bags for them to go in. 

These are then sent/given to children who have lost their homes and belongings, are refugees or have suffered some kind of trauma. Some of you may have come across these before, but if not they are simple to knit, use small amounts of double knitting wool and are stuffed with stitched faces.

We need knitters, ‘stuffers and stitchers’ and bag-makers so if you are at all interested please contact me in the first place by phone or email then I will give you a pattern and a picture.

We are suggesting that the non-knitters may like to do the stuffing, stitching up and making the facial features and stitchers may like to make the bags. Of course if you want to do the whole thing then that’s fine.  

Pat has a supply of wool from ‘Craft and Chat’, I am proposing buying a large bag (or two) of wadding for the stuffing and I also have plenty of thread for stitching up and features. All or any of these can be brought to you.

Here’s hoping that we get some takers for the project.

All the best,

Sandie Goddard – People’s Warden

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