Services continue as usual after Church was broken in to

On Tuesday night St Andrew’s Church was broken in to

A lot of mess was created but apart from 2 smashed windows, the Vestry door and the handle of the West End door there has not been a lot of substantial damage for which we are very grateful

We were there all day with police and later forensics whose response was fantastic and their attention to detail, and care for us was superb.

We do not believe for a minute that this was an attack in anyway on us or Christianity as a whole. It seems to be something that just, maybe got out of control after an instant decision.

The police have taken a lot of blood samples for DNA testing and we hope that this will lead to the perpetrators being apprehended.

A small group is going to meet today to start the clean up. We do not need a lot there as it will become chaotic but if we do need more help we will ask.

The main mess is in the office and Vestry but there has been a lot of disruption in the Church with lots of articles being thrown around or tipped over.

Please pray for all involved especially those who committed this crime

We will keep you up to date on any developments and there will be services as usual on Sunday

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