Mary said "Yes"

Mary said ‘Yes’


Reflecting on Mary, an ordinary girl who had no power, position or authority, chosen by God to carry God’s Son, the Saviour of the world in her womb; and her response in saying, ‘Yes, I will do it’; at this time, we have an opportunity to consider what our response might be.


Are we too, willing to be messengers sharing the good news of God’s love? To be God bearers? To be courageous and bold like Mary; to consent to what God is asking of us, to take the risk of living out our ‘yes’ to God as Mary did?

Called to a destiny more momentous
than any in all of Time,
she did not quail,
only asked
a simple, ‘How can this be?’
and gravely, courteously,
took to heart the angel’s reply,
perceiving instantly
the astounding ministry she was offered:

to bear in her womb
infinite weight and lightness; to carry
in hidden, finite inwardness,
nine months of Eternity; to contain
in slender vase of being,
the sum of power –
in narrow flesh,
the sum of light.
Then bring to birth,
push out into air, a Man-child
needing, like any other,
milk and love –
but who was God.

This was the moment no one speaks of,
when she could still refuse.
A breath unbreathed,

She did not cry, ‘I cannot. I am not worthy,’
Nor, ‘I have not the strength.’
She did not submit with gritted teeth,
  raging, coerced.
Bravest of all humans,
consent illumined her.
The room filled with its light,
the lily glowed in it,
   and the iridescent wings.
  courage unparalleled,
opened her utterly.

                                                   From Denise Levertov’s poem - Annunciation

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