Psalm 139

A modern take on Psalm 139, as used in the Service on June 27th

Psalm 139.13-18
paraphrased by Jim Cotter and Paul Payton


You, Lord, have created every part of my being,

cell and tissue, blood and bone.

You have woven me in the womb of my mother;

I will praise you, so wonderfully am I made.

Awesome are your deeds: and marvellous are your works.


You know me to the very core of my being;

nothing in me was hidden from your eyes

when I was formed in silence and secrecy,

in intricate splendour in the depths of the earth.

Even as they were forming you saw my limbs,

each part of my body shaped by your finger.


How deep are your thoughts to me, O God,

how great is the sum of them.

Were I to count them they are more in number

than the grains of sand on the sea-shore –

and still I would know nothing about you –

yet still would you hold me in the palm of your hand.

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