St. Andrew's, Kelso.

An open and inclusive Church

Belmount Place, Kelso, Scottish Borders TD5 7JB

                             Rector: Rev Prebendary Bob King   Tel: 01573 224163

                           Associate Priest: Rev Grace Redpath  Tel: 01573 450752                        

                                Office: 01573 229591 (Tuesday and Thursday, 10am-noon) 

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Do you want to FAST this Lent?

(courtesy of Pope Francis)


           FAST from hurting words, and say kind words

          FAST from sadness, and be filled with gratitude

    FAST from anger, and be filled with patience

                FAST from pessimism, and be filled with hope         

                                      FAST from worries, and trust in God

               FAST from complaints, and contemplate simplicity

                                      FAST from pressures, and be prayerful

          FAST from bitterness, and fill your heart with joy

                            FAST from selfishness, and be compassionate to others    

                                       FAST from grudges, and be reconciled

                                       FAST from words, and be silent so you can listen


 The Lent Diary

Prayer ideas and suggestions to help you make Lent 2019 special.










Sun 14th April

Palm Sunday


Read the story of Palm Sunday. Would you have gone out to greet Jesus as he rode into the city? This is the start of Holy Week. Come to Stations of the Cross at 5.00 pm


Mon 15th April


Pray today for our Diocese and its work. Come to KCT Service at 12.45pm in Kelso North Church every day till Friday

At 7.00pm come to Compline in Church with Andrew Williams


Tue 16th April


Bring your sins and faults before God. Ask God to forgive you and help you forgive yourself.

At 7.00pm come to Compline in Church with Susan Watkins


Wed 17th April


Look in a mirror and tell yourself that you are created in God’s image and that God loves you.

Say the hymn “Just as I am”

At 7.00pm come to Compline in Church with Peter Tucker


Thurs 18th April

Maundy Thursday


Today we celebrate the Last Supper. Every time you eat bread today give thanks to Jesus.

Come to the Eucharist in Church at 7.00pm and join in the “Watch for an hour” afterwards


Fri 19th April

Good Friday


How would you have reacted on Good Friday? Come to Church at 2.00 pm for the Good Friday Liturgy


Sat 20th April


Prepare yourself for Easter. Pray through this diary again and reflect on your experiences and thoughts.


Sun 21st April

Easter Day




Come to church today and rejoice.




There is a lot going on in preparation for Easter. Please see Notices for full details of all our services.


 The Church is open daily. The formidable front door will yield as you turn the handle, and lights will come on as you enter, to welcome you.

There is level access for services, via the backdoor, through the gate at the left side of the Church.



St Andrew's is part of the Diocese of Edinburgh within the Scottish Episcopal Church, which is itself part of the world-wide Anglican Communion 

We are committed to exploring ways in which we can serve God both within our church families and in and around our local communities. We also play a full part in our town's ecumenical 'Churches Together' groups, sharing occasional services and pieces of outreach work with the local Church of Scotland congregations, the Quakers and the Roman Catholics.



An introduction to the Scottish Episcopal Church




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