After 102 Bobcasts, which have amused, delighted, inspired and comforted us during Lockdown, Bob and Snoring Islay have called it a day just now. So many of us are grateful for this ministry, especially those living alone for whom a cheerful night-time message maybe led to a more ease-ful sleep. Most of the episodes are here on a playlist so do dip in if you want to relive happy memories.

And the much-loved prayer is here:

Watch Thou, Dear Lord, with those who wake, or watch, or weep tonight,

and give Thine Angels charge over those who sleep.

Tend Thy sick ones, Lord Christ,

rest Thy weary ones,

bless Thy dying ones,

soothe Thy suffering ones,

pity Thy afflicted ones,

shield Thy joyous ones,

and all.

For Thy love’s sake .


Bobcasts from 17th March.


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