We are an Eco Congregation

Launched in 2001, Eco-congregation Scotland inspires churches to weave environmental issues into their life and mission in an enjoyable and stimulating way. 

Eco Congregation

Click here for the summarised results of the questionnaire.
Will all of you, who anonymously gave us so many wonderful ideas and suggestions, please get in touch with one of us in order to make them happen.

Also, click here for the excellent Synod '21 paper on the Climate Action Plan by Church In Society committee.

Many Christians are concerned about the environment but don’t know what they can do.  Eco-congregation Scotland helps congregations understand environmental issues and make appropriate practical and spiritual responses. Scottish Episcopal Church fully supports their work. There are now 447 Eco-congregations throughout Scotland, many of which are SEC churches, throughout its seven dioceses.

St Andrew’s (together with Kelso North & Ednam Parish Churches) is now a registered Eco-congregation: we believe in being good stewards of our planet and in caring for others:-

“Love Thy Neighbour… Tomorrow as well as Today ”. Some people fear that the problems facing the environment are too big for individuals to make any difference.  Eco-congregation shows that we can all do things, however small, that really will help.  If many people each do a little, collectively that means a lot gets done.  Small actions, day in day out, add up to big results.

We believe it is up to us as individuals to decide to what extent and at what pace we each should evolve, so as to care for our neighbours of tomorrow, as well as for those today. In respect of our collective actions as a church, clearly many issues need to be addressed, discussed and carried out in an inclusive and cohesive way: nothing is achieved by anyone feeling alienated. We aim to inform and inspire.

Vestry has therefore appointed an Eco-congregation sub-committee: Andrew Hunter, Bob King, Grace Redpath, Sandra Goddard, Christine Little, Ruth McGrath and Roger Turner. Feel free to contact any of us with any questions or suggestions.

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