We are an Eco Congregation

Launched in 2001, Eco-congregation Scotland inspires churches to weave environmental issues into their life and mission in an enjoyable and stimulating way. 

Eco Committee

Good News
 The solar equipment at St Boswells Village Hall generated 892 kWh of carbon-free energy during the 31 days between 17 May and16 June. 455 kWh of that energy (51%) was used in the hall and 437 kWh (49%) was exported.  It is important to note that virtually all the energy exported from the hall is consumed locally in the village (because it cannot readily flow backwards through the 11,000-volt transformers that connect the village to the wider grid). A typical home uses 10 kWh per day, meaning the Village Hall supplied enough carbon-free electricity during the period to power 43 St Boswells homes for a whole day – quite a contribution to the“greening” of the village.  To clarify, the good people of St Boswells would still have had to pay their electricity provider full price for any of the Village Hall exported energy that they consumed.  What we can rightly state is that the energy exported by the Village Hall was 100% carbon-free, and thus helped the village towards achieving a more sustainable energy mix. 
Source: John Farquhar, St Boswells Village Hall Energy Committee  

Please see NEW links below to your Eco Committee’s Discussion Paper, which invites the
sharing of thoughts, reactions and suggestions for how we play our part in reaching Net Zero by 2030 …

...and to the various resources available at both Provincial & Diocesan levels (‘PEG’ & ‘DEG’), including their Net Zero Draft Action Plan.

Many Christians are concerned about the environment but don’t know what they can do.  Eco-congregation Scotland helps congregations understand environmental issues and make appropriate practical and spiritual responses.  Scottish Episcopal Church fully supports their work.  There are now over 600 Eco-congregations throughout Scotland, many of which are SEC churches, throughout its seven dioceses.  Churches Kelso North, Ednam Parish and St Andrew’s are three of c.25 registered Eco-congregations in the Borders: we believe in being good stewards of our planet and in caring for others:-

“Love Thy Neighbour… (of) Tomorrow as well as Today ”.  Some people fear that the problems facing the environment are too big for individuals to make a difference.  Eco-congregation shows that we can all do things, however small, that really will help.  If we all do a little, collectively that means a lot gets done.  Small actions, day in day out, add up to big results!

We believe it is up to us as individuals to decide to what extent and at what pace we each should evolve, so as to care for our neighbours of tomorrow, as well as for those today.  In respect of our collective actions as a church, clearly many issues need to be addressed, discussed and carried out in an inclusive and cohesive way: nothing is achieved by anyone feeling alienated.  We aim to inform and inspire.  Vestry has therefore appointed an Eco- committee: Andrew Hunter, Bob King, Grace Redpath, Sandra Goddard, Christine Little, Nettie Mewha and Roger Turner.  Please feel free to contact any of us with any questions or suggestions.

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